Earth Mother

by Ineke Veerkamp with Deb Grahame

Medium: Audio visual consisting of 3 minutes of a Cappella vocals integrated with still photographs

This work addresses the theme as it shows four generations of ini’s maternal line looking back in the timeframe of their lives and how the planet has changed during that time. Ini being the last of her line, gives poignancy to the Earth’s precarious position going into the future. View the film by clcking on the image below:

International Womens Day choir

A short track of songs from the IWD Choir featuring archive images from IWD in the Shoalhaven, the choir and artworks by members of the choir.

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A six-voice Women’s a capella group

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Djembe Gems South Coast

The Beat Goes On

Brazilian tune “Samba Ole”

by the Uke ‘n Harp group

The Uke ‘n Harp group performing at a 70th birthday for one of our members.

Artistry is not about perfection,

rather “connection” with community

And we are connected to each other through the music

 And sharing a feeling, not the notes on strings.

Samba Ole was chosen for its vibrant Latin energy and the pleasure of playing it, inviting the listeners on an uplifting journey. Ole!

Moira Lawry: musical director

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Which Witch 30 years in music!

Which Witch turned 30 years old in 2019 and we – Joni, Sue, Jen, Robin and Jen – had some crazy plans for celebrating! However, things didn’t quite turn out how we thought they might so we are celebrating the current line-up (and lots of IWD gigs) with this little montage set to a song we recorded ABC Illawarra studios (thanks Nick R). Thanks IWD committees and planners and helpers and punters for being such fun audiences over the years!
Love – the Witches.

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Which Witch 30 years in music!