Fiona Beavan

Title: Love Broke

Medium: Poetic Reflection

Statement: I was inspired to journal this real-life event as I saw it as a form of allegory, containing a deeper message beyond the immediate reality of what had just occurred. I also felt that it fitted in perfectly with the Festival Theme; we look back, we move forward; and as seen in my Postscript, if we continue to persevere in our day to day lives, we may very well find what we had given up looking for.

Love broke today – literally. Or was it late last night? I can’t remember when I heard the crash, but I know I didn’t investigate straight away. I found her on the floor this morning, her head on one side, her body on the other. Headless Love. A wing missing, too. I haven’t found it.

Faith, Hope and Love – ornamental angels – useless, pretty little ceramic things.

I never had Hope; I wonder if I’ll ever own her.

At first, I thought Faith was okay, but when I went to check her out, I saw that on closer reflection it looked like poor Faith had lost her wings in a prior life, too. Must’ve been why she ended up on an op shop shelf. Because really, who wants a disabled Faith? Why was I okay with it at the time? Probably just unobservant – in my usual mad rush, it would be easy not to notice.

So anyway, I glued what was left of Love back together.  But she can’t fly anymore – if she ever could. Lopsided. She’ll never be the same again.

Interesting timing, in the midst of all the turmoil that is my life.

Postscript: Sweeping a few days later, I found Love’s missing wing….