Rosalind Wessell

Title: What language did you speak

Medium: Poetry

The language you speak is what you believe

And the images you create is what you perceive

Did the events of our time leave you bereft

Did you feel winter arrived and never left

Or did you feel strong navigating your way

Through the maze of time to the present day

What language did you speak?

We made space to breathe in our forced time out

We pondered and contemplated what life was about

We lost our manners as we pushed and shoved

And worried endlessly about those we loved

We lost track of time as we drunk and ate

And put faith in others to decide our fate

What language did you speak?

We made a plan and prepared to fight

As a country in crisis we held on tight

No-one left behind is what we were told

As we watched in horror as the disease took hold

So the hope for the future is to remember the past

And our promises for change and to make them last

Did you open your eyes, did you still your mind

Did you take the time to be caring and kind

What language did you speak?

Let RESILIENCE BE the language you speak