Terry Graham


In the stillness of the night

As I lay in my bed

A thousand thoughts of you,

Swimming firefly in my head.

Things I should have told you

I have left too late

For now, you make your journey

Beyond sleeps silent gate.

How clear the vision of your smiling face

Tattooed upon my memory

Shall never be erased.

Immortal in my thoughts

Forever you will stay

Tonight, a bright star

Dances on the Milky Way.

The Book of Life

Life’s like a rare book, slowly to be read

Each page your turn your fate is still ahead.

Past chapters you’ve sought through

Have not been in vain, just retrace

The text and knowledge you gain.

 Memories of moments will come to mind

Some dark dismal storm clouds, reflections


They’re all fleeting pastimes stored in the mind

Mistakes that are made, corrected with time.

Sudden as a whirl wind drawing leaves to its path

You will find treasured memoirs of times in the past.

Cascading reminiscence of laughter and joy

Visions in youth as a girl, or a boy.

Pages you read through of earlier times

When you bubbled with innocence, wonder and rhyme.

These events sent to test you in the grand sea of time,

While you enter more pages and many more changes,

In that rare Book of Life.

As the pages grown old and yellow, you’ll find,

Life is enjoying the Passage of Time.